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Doctor Office Display Advertising: Bold, Glossy and Informative.

Leverage the nation’s largest network of Health Panels, also known as waiting room display advertising, which are wall-mounted print displays featured in high-traffic physician waiting rooms. Brand advertisements appear adjacent to custom-created health content and are continuously available to be viewed during a 26-minute average wait time. Plus, product brochures, PI information, or coupons can be distributed by a holder affixed to the framed Health Panel.

Waiting room display advertising by AccentHealth
Health Panels can be sponsored in our:
  • Demographic Networks: Active Consumers, Senior, Young Family, and Hispanic
  • Specialist or Condition-Specific Networks, such as Rheumatology, Diabetes, or Senior Women’s Health
  • Custom Networks—Let us help you create a Health Panel Network based on your specific custom-targeting needs
Benefits of Health Panel sponsorship include:
  • Opportunity to educate patients with dependable content
  • Increased trust
  • High ad recall
  • Increased purchase intent
  • Proven NRx lift and ROI
Literature Distribution
Our complimentary* literature distribution service puts your information into patients’ hands right before they talk to their doctor and make brand decisions.  And it’s a completely turnkey opportunity—simply drop-ship to our fulfillment center and our field representatives will hand-deliver your collateral into your preferred network of offices. 

To learn more about our waiting room advertising options, contact us online today.

*minimum commitment required