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Reach your target audience with our targeted waiting room tv networks

Demographic Networks
1. Active Consumer

AccentHealth’s Active Consumer Network features trusted CNN-produced content created specifically for health-conscious adults visiting their primary care and family practice physicians.

The Active Consumer waiting room tv programming keeps viewers engaged with up-to-date news and health information that is useful in their everyday lives, including new exercise routines, healthy recipes, and tips on how to manage common conditions.

Examples of recent topics include:

  • The gluten-free diet craze
  • How keeping a journal of what you eat can help you lose weight
  • The new fitness routine called skyrobics
  • Ways to find relief during allergy season
  • A look at how our non-stop society is affecting our health
  • How lack of sleep can impact your health and safety

Click here to view a sample program.

2. Young Family

Airing in Pediatric and OB/GYN practices across the nation, AccentHealth’s Young Family Network allows your brand to reach millions of parents and expectant moms at a time when they are seeking health information for their family’s well being.

Young Family waiting room tv programming features exclusive health and wellness programming for parents on important topics like childcare and healthy living.

Examples of recent topics include:

  • Tips for having a happy family
  • Childhood ADHD
  • A new class that teaches kids how to react when faced with a dangerous situation
  • Introducing solid foods to babies
  • Advice for new parents on spoiling your baby
  • A look at how hospitals are turning to skin-to-skin care to help newborns thrive

3. Senior 

AccentHealth’s Senior Network airs in offices with an older adult patient demographic, allowing your brand to reach members of the valuable Baby Boomer population just before they discuss their health with their general, family practice, or internal medicine physician or health specialist.

The Senior waiting room tv programming content is tailored to appeal to the specific health interests of those viewers 50+, including hints for healthy aging, diet tips, and new medical breakthroughs.

Examples of recent topics include:

  • Tips on which foods can help you lose weight without sacrificing taste
  • How beta blockers may also protect against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • The importance of protecting your eyes when you are out in the sun
  • How managing high blood pressure can help prevent heart disease
  • Staying fit and healthy by incorporating a little bit of exercise into your routine as you age
  • Ways in which naps may actually help you stay mentally sharp and be more productive

4. Hispanic

Recognizing the significance of the growing U.S. Hispanic population, AccentHealth has created a targeted waiting room tv network to allow advertisers exclusive access to the Hispanic health-and-wellness patient. Our Hispanic Network is comprised of offices located in zip codes with an Index > 200 of Hispanics.

Opportunities presented by the Hispanic Network include:

  • Raising brand awareness with Spanish-language creative
  • Creating a custom Hispanic Network based on state, DMA, zip code, or physician specialty

Condition-Specific Networks

AccentHealth has launched over 30 condition-specific digital TV networks to address the specific health-education needs of patients as they prepare to speak with their doctor. Our award-winning waiting room tv programming provides both preventative health information as well as condition-specific education that encourages a physician-patient dialog.

Our digital networks allow for the precise delivery of category-exclusive brand messages by physician specialty, called upon status, DMA, and demographics. Research shows that advertising with AccentHealth Condition-Specific Networks leads to increased brand awareness and drives physician-patient discussion, ultimately resulting in increases in NRx, market share, and ROI.

Our nine core Condition-Specific Networks, reaching 100% of market prescribing offices, include the Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes, COPD, GERD, Heart Health, Mental Health, Men’s Health, and Senior Women’s Health Networks. Contact us for additional information on our suite of Condition-Specific Networks and find out which one is right for your message.

Click here to view a sample program.

Medicare Network

AccentHealth has created a custom Medicare Network composed of 100% waiting room offices that reach a senior and adult population and accept Medicare. Our health and wellness programming is digitally distributed to these offices across the United States, and can also be geo-targeted to meet your marketing needs.

Specialty Networks

Leverage AccentHealth Specialty Networks to reach offices with the presence of specialists, including Primary Care, Pediatric, OB/GYN, Dermatology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology, Urology, Allergy, Cardiology, Gastrology, Pulmonology, and ENTs.

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Custom Network Solutions

AccentHealth can create a custom network of offices to meet your brand’s objectives based on criteria such as:

  • Geography (state, DMA, or zip code)
  • Trade radius to your stores
  • High BDI/CDI DMAs
  • Physician writing behavior
  • List match
  • Called upon or non-called upon physician
  • Specialty presence