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Measuring the power of Point-Of-Care Marketing.

AccentHealth partners with world-class research companies to demonstrate our effective doctor office marketing solution. We measure the effectiveness of patient and consumer engagement in the physician waiting room environment. This research provides accountability and value for marketing partners through detailed audience measurement, ad recall and effectiveness studies, and ROI analysis.

All research plans are developed in collaboration with clients to deliver results against key campaign objectives.

Audience Measurement

Since 1995, AccentHealth has partnered with The Nielsen Company to measure traffic and viewership, profile the demographics and behavior of network viewers, and verify network compliance.

Traffic and transaction data are gathered through standard on-site traffic counts. Nielsen then conducts custom measurements via on-site interviews, allowing AccentHealth to deliver demographic and qualitative data associated with visitors to AccentHealth offices and those who view AccentHealth while in-office.


Post-Campaign Measurement

It is critical to any marketer to understand the impact a campaign is having and to ensure continued program success. In order to demonstrate campaign effectiveness for those programs eligible for research, AccentHealth works with trusted third-parties to conduct post-campaign assessments via either matched pair prescriber and patient analysis (for pharmaceutical advertisers) or primary research with our viewers.

Insights obtained via these campaign assessments may be used to quantify promotion impact and tailor future campaigns to maximize brand performance. Study metrics can be customized to align with client’s key performance indicators and often include:


Prescriber and Patient-Level Promotion Response
Ad Effectiveness Research
Increases in new prescriptions Ad awareness
Market share growth Message recall
Brand adoption among non-prescribing physicians Doctor Discussion
New patient acquisition Recommendation Intent
Patient conversion to therapy Purchase Intent

All research plans are developed in collaboration with clients to deliver results against key campaign objectives.


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