Dedicated to educating and empowering
people to live healthier lives.

About Us

AccentHealth is a leading patient-education media company at the point-of-care, located in over 30,000 physician waiting rooms, serving over 70,000 medical practitioners nationwide, and reaching 173 million patients each year. Featuring the largest waiting-room television network, AccentHealth provides exclusive, award-winning CNN programming co-hosted by CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta and HLN host Robin Meade.

With a companion network of printed Health Panels, interactive services, and sampling and distribution programs, AccentHealth, a patient education media company, offers comprehensive in-office patient engagement solutions. AccentHealth’s products and services reach patients when they are thinking about their health and wellness, enabling them to positively influence their healthcare outcomes.

AccentHealth’s mission is to educate and empower people to live healthy lives, and has been recognized by the Health Information Awards, the American Academy of Nursing, the Cindy Awards, the Telly Awards, and the Society of Professional Journalists. AccentHealth is a founding board member of the Point-of-Care Communication Council (PoC3).

Founded in 1995 in Tampa, FL, AccentHealth is owned by M/C Partners, Ridgemont Equity Partners, and senior management.

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