Provide best-in-class patient education 
in the waiting room.

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Create a unified Patient Education platform across your organization

For nearly two decades, AccentHealth has been providing patient education in the waiting room. Our participating practices include independent offices, large medical groups, independent associations (IPAs), and hospital systems. Many of these partners are also part of a larger network or healthcare system. By leveraging AccentHealth to communicate through one cohesive medium with our unified patient education system, these organizations are empowered to:

  • Speak directly to patients on a system-wide level
    Our Practice Announcements enable you to showcase your services and specialists at other locations within your network.
  • Improve patient satisfaction and retention
    *93% of practice administrators agree that AccentHealth programming reduces patients’ perceived wait time, which reduces complaints.
  • Provide credible health information to your patients
    AccentHealth’s unique programming is produced by CNN’s Medical Unit, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta and HLN’s Robin Meade, and reviewed by an independent board of practicing physicians. Attractive, framed Health Panels featuring healthy lifestyle information are also provided for your waiting area.
  • Receive secure Internet delivery of the program
    AccentHealth’s system is HIPAA Certified, tested by an independent third party, and provides member facilities, systems, and networks with security protection.
  • Qualify for a dedicated AccentHealth Service Team
    Because we know your staff is busy, we have implemented the following support structure for our large group accounts:
    • Your AccentHealth Service Team will create a custom agreement and IT form for your entire organization to save time and paperwork for individual offices.
    • The team will then work directly with your designated contacts to qualify each practice expediting the sign-up process.
    • A Network Coordinator will be assigned to your account to manage each AccentHealth installation. Your Network Coordinator will also assist with the creation of Practice Announcements, and serve as a dedicated liaison after implementation.

    To find out if your practice qualifies for AccentHealth’s complimentary Patient Education Solution, contact (800) 461-7724, or complete this online form to get started.

    *Source: HCD 2008 Customer Satisfaction Research Survey


    “Patients used to sit down and watch TV and get nothing out of it. Now they sit down and learn about immunizations and other medical related topics and really get something out of it. I really appreciate what you have done for us.” Martin
    East Side Health
    East Saint Louis, IL

    “I had cable TV and sometimes the TV ended up on inappropriate channels like Jerry Springer, so I prefer having the AccentHealth program.” Penny, Office Manager
    US Healthworks Medical Group
    San Bernardino, CA

    “Boy does the AccentHealth program help us with patient satisfaction! If we happen to be running a little behind it helps the waiting patients pass the time and makes the wait seem shorter. We get great feedback from patients on a regular basis. They love the recipes!” Barbara, Manager
    Henry J. Austin Health Center
    Hamilton, NJ