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Enhance Patient Communication with Practice Messaging

Transform your AccentHealth TV into a patient communication platform with our complimentary Practice Communication Tools:

  • Practice Messaging Templates: 180+ designed messages with the capability to include up to 5 lines of custom text.
  • Customized Practice Messages: Custom messages created within your brand guidelines.
  • Pre-produced Video: Air your videos within the program.

Save time by airing FAQs. WATCH »

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Practices Just Like Yours are Already Benefiting

“Practice Messages are a great way to personalize the program and let patients know we support the information provided by AccentHealth.” Gretchen, Director of Physician Practices
Schneck Medical Center
Seymour, IN

“There was a message that I was required to get out this month, and initially, I did not feel confident everyone would get the message. We have a bulletin board, but patients don’t always read it and they get cluttered with papers. I noticed that 9 out of 10 patients watch your TV program. So I placed the specialty group information in with your show. Now I feel confident that the patients will see my message. I am really impressed” Brenda, Office Manager
Walkin, Freshman & Nipple Associates
Harrisburg, PA

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