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Promote your services to patients with our waiting room announcements

As part of AccentHealth’s Patient Education Solution, we provide a proven platform for enhancing your communication with patients via Practice Announcements.

Practice Announcements, also known as doctor office announcements, are 15-second full sight, sound and motion spots that can be customized with one to five lines of your own messaging. Practice Announcements integrate seamlessly into AccentHealth’s programming. Using Practice Announcements is easy: images can be selected from our large library of practice announcement templates and then customized to meet your specific needs.

Our Practice Announcements aid clinical operations by:

  • Displaying administrative requests or issuing office reminders to your patients
  • Announcing upcoming schedules for screenings or immunizations
  • Helping your practice run more smoothly with fewer staff interruptions to answer frequently-asked questions

Practice Announcements are also good for business. Use them to:

  • Promote your practice and your full range of products, services, procedures, or classes
  • Enhance your practice’s image by sharing hospital affiliations, physician credentials, and years of experience

Practice Announcements are included as a value-added service when you implement AccentHealth’s Patient Education Solution.

Contact us today to learn more about our waiting room announcements and how they can help your practice.


“Practice Announcements are a great way to personalize the show and let patients know we support the information provided by AccentHealth TV.” Gretchen, Director of Physician Practices
Schneck Medical Center
Seymour, IN

“We are an allergy clinic, and at times, we have to close our office. We are able to post this on AccentHealth to let patients know in advance. It comes in handy!” Rhonda
Cool Springs Allergy
Franklin, TN

“There was a message that I was required to get out this month, and initially, I did not feel confident everyone would get the message. We have a bulletin board, but patients don’t always read it and they get cluttered with papers. I noticed that 9 out of 10 patients watch your TV program. So I placed the specialty group information in with your show. Now I feel confident that the patients will see my message. I am really impressed” Brenda, Office Manager
Walkin, Freshman & Nipple Associates
Harrisburg, PA

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