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What illness hospitalizes approximately 325,000 people each year?

a. Common cold
b. Foodborne illness
c. Chicken pox

When buying your next pair of boots, which of the following should you look for?

a. Narrow toe box
b. Traction and rubber sole
c. Narrow heels

How long does it take for caffeine to be eliminated from the body?

a. 1-2 hours
b. 3-4 hours
c. 5-6 hours

Celiac disease, a serious digestive system disorder, is caused by an intolerance of what?

a. Gluten in wheat, barley, and rye
b. Rice
c. Gum

According to one study, one in three people said they were more likely to do which of the following for the health of their pet?

a. Start exercising
b. Quit smoking
c. Move to a less polluted city

What is considered to be normal body temperature?

a. 96.5°F
b. 98.6°F
c. 100.4°F

Which vegetable has the most fiber?

a. Artichoke
b. Tomato
c. Cucumber

What is the minimum amount of moderate physical activity adults should do each week?

a. 1.5 hours
b. 2.5 hours
c. 3.5 hours

The average American consumes how many bananas each year?

a. 34
b. 54
c. 84

Which of the following is often the first body part to show signs of diabetes?

a. The foot
b. The hand
c. The face

When do newborn babies first begin to recognize their mother’s voice?

a. 3 months
b. 1 month
c. 2 weeks