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in the waiting room.

A Comprehensive Patient Education Solution

Patient Education in Waiting Room
AccentHealth is the leading provider of patient education in doctors’ waiting rooms, and has been educating and engaging patients since 1995. Our turnkey Patient Education Solution includes award-winning AccentHealth CNN programming that is digitally delivered to a widescreen monitor in your office, and is supplemented by printed educational Health Panels. In-depth content covers the spectrum of health and wellness topics and actively engages patients while they wait.



AccentHealth offers targeted programming developed for the patient populations of primary care offices, specialty practices, and health systems. This comprehensive Patient Education Solution eases the experience of waiting, contributes to a calm and inviting environment, and serves as a communication tool for individual practices.

More than 30,000 doctors’ offices and over 70,000 practitioners nationwide have chosen AccentHealth as their waiting room patient-education provider. Our service is the market leader in patient education, engaging content, and customer service.

AccentHealth’s programming is sponsored by consumer health products, pharmaceutical and retail companies who enable this patient education program to be provided at no cost to qualified practices.


Health Systems

If you are a hospital or part of a health system, please click here for details of the specialized patient education programs available to you.

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